Schedule 7: Other Sources of Earned Income

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Under § 7-27 of the Ethics Law, filers are required to disclose other sources of income earned by them and certain family members. Answer the question below to determine if Schedule 7 applies to you: 

During the reporting period covered by this statement, did any of the following earn any income or salary? 

  • Your self (other than your City employment);
  • Your spouse; or
  • Your child.

If you answered "yes" to the question above, disclose each source of income.  You will need to submit a separate "Add Other Sources of Income" entry for each source of income. Watch the tutorial video below to guide you through the tutorial:

In each "Add Other Sources of Income" entry, you will disclose the following information: 

1.  Identity of Person Earning the Income.  Provide the name the person who earned the income or salary, their relationship to you, and the address of their employment and/or the address of any business entity solely or partially owned by that person.  (This will be either your self, your spouse, or your child.) Do not provide the private address of your family member.

2.  Identity of the Business Entity that Provided the Income.  Provide the name and address of the business entity from which the income or salary was derived.  

If your spouse earned income as a lobbyist, you will indicate this fact and then list all entities who engaged your spouse for that purpose during the reporting period.