Welcome to the Ethics Board

The Baltimore City Board of Ethics is an independent body comprised of five members that oversees Baltimore’s Public Ethics Law, contained in Article 8 of the City Code. The Ethics Law applies to all Baltimore City officials and employees. The Ethics Law ensures that officials and employees serve the public with fairness and independence by guarding against conflicts of interest and other types of improper actions connected with City employment.

In April 2020, the City Council voted for Baltimore’s Inspector General to become the Executive Director of the Ethics Board, effective October 10, 2020. The IG has assigned staff to assist the Board—the first time in history the Board has had full-time staff. We are committed to carrying out the Board’s important functions, including investigating ethics complaints, promoting awareness of the Ethics Law, and answering all ethics-related questions from City officials, employees, and citizens.  Together, we can increase ethical conduct at all levels of City government

We look forward to hearing from you!

Isabel Mercedes Cumming, Executive Director

Jeff Hochstetler, Director