Schedule 3A: Positions Held with Business Entities Doing Business With, Regulated By, or Lobbying in City

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Under § 7-24 of the Ethics Law, filers are required to disclose positions they and their family members hold with any business entity that does business with or is regulated by the City, or is a lobbyist. 

Answer the question below to determine if Schedule 3A applies to you: 

During the reporting period covered by this statement, did any of the following hold any office, directorship, salaried employment, or other similar position with any business entity that was doing business with the City, was regulated by the City, or was a lobbyist in the City?

  • Yourself;
  • Your spouse;
  • Your child;
  • Your parent (if known to you); or
  • Your sibling (if known to you).

If you answered "yes" to the question above, disclose each qualifying position in Schedule 3A. You will need to submit a separate "Position Held" entry for each position.  Watch the tutorial video below to guide you through the schedule:

In each "Position Held" entry, you will disclose the following information: 

1. Identity of Business Entity. Give the name and address of the business entity.  

2. Identity of Person who Holds a Position with the Business Entity.  State the name and address of the person with a position in the business entity, and their relationship to you.  Submit a separate "Add" entry for each person, including yourself, with a position in the business entity.  

3.  Nature of Position.  Give the person's title with the business entity, the date they started, and a general description if their duties. 

4. Business Entity's Relationship with the City. Identify whether the business entity does business with the City, is regulated by the City, and/or is a lobbyist in the City. Please specify, at a minimum, the City agency involved and whether any business with that agency involves sales or contracts.