Schedule 6: Family Members Employed by City

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Under § 7-26 of the Ethics Law, filers are required to disclose certain family members who were employed by the City. Answer the question below to determine if Schedule 6 applies to you: 

During the reporting period covered by this statement, were any of the following employed by the City in any capacity?

  • Your spouse;
  • Your parent;
  • Your child; or
  • Your sibling.

If you answered "yes" to the question above, disclose each family member on Schedule 6. You will need to submit a separate "Add New Family Member" entry for each family member employed by the City. Watch the tutorial video below to guide you through the tutorial:

In each "Add New Family Member" entry, you will disclose the following information: 

Identity of Family Member Employed by City.  Provide the name and address of the family member employed by the City, the agency they worked for, and their relationship to you.