Schedule 4: Gifts from Persons or Entities Doing Business With, Regulated By, or Lobbying In City

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Under § 7-23 of the Ethics Law, filers are required to disclose all significant gifts from persons doing business with the City, regulated by the City, and lobbyists.  A significant gift is any single gift worth more than $20, or any gift in a series of gifts with a cumulative value of $100 or more given during the reporting period by the same person.

Answer the question below to determine if Schedule 4 applies to you: 

During the reporting period covered by this statement, did you accept or direct someone else to accept a significant gift (on your own or someone else's behalf) that was given by or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any of the following?

  • a lobbyist;
  • a person regulated by the City; or
  • a person doing business with the City.

If you answered "yes" to the question above, disclose each qualifying gift on Schedule 4. You will need to submit a separate "Add New Gift" entry for each gift. Watch the tutorial video below to guide you through the schedule:

Note: You do not need to disclose the following significant gifts: gifts from your spouse, parent, child, or sibling; campaign contributions that are otherwise reported as required by law; or tickets or free admission given to an elected official to attend a specific charitable, cultural, or political event, if given by the person sponsoring or conducting the event as a courtesy to the elected office.  

In each "Add New Gift" entry, you will disclose the following information: 

1. Identity of Person or Entity Giving the Gift. Give the name of the person or business entity that gave the gift, and their relationship to the City, e.g., whether they are a lobbyist, are doing business with the City, and/or are regulated by the City. 

2. Recipient of the Gift. The name and address of the person receiving the gift and their relationship to you (either your self or another person at your direction).  

3. Nature, Date, and Value of the Gift. A description of the gift, its retail value, and the date it was received.

4. Travel Expenses. If the gift comprised travel-related expenses related to an event or conference of some kind, provide the details requested.