Online Ethics Complaint Form

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The Baltimore City Board of Ethics is an independent body that oversees and enforces the Public Ethics Law, contained in Article 8 of the City Code. The Ethics Law applies to all Baltimore City officials, employees, and lobbyists. It ensures that City officials and employees serve the public with fairness and impartiality by prohibiting them from using their official duties for private gain. It also requires City officials and many other City employees to publicly disclose their private financial interests and other kinds of interests, and it requires lobbyists to register and disclose information about their activities.

You may file a complaint with the Ethics Board if you suspect a violation of the Ethics Law. Although you must sign your complaint, your identity and contact information will be kept confidential. After receiving a complaint, Ethics Board staff may contact you for additional information. Staff will undertake a preliminary inquiry and will inform you of the outcome at the conclusion of the process.