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Welcome to the online Ethics Training! This training is provided by the Baltimore City Board of Ethics, an independent body comprised of five members that oversees the Baltimore City Public Ethics Law, contained in Article 8 of the City Code. The Ethics Law applies to all Baltimore City officials and employees.  It ensures that officials and employees serve the public with fairness and independence by guarding against conflicts of interest and other types of improper actions connected with City employment. 

The Ethics Training includes an introduction, four chapters, and a survey. Each chapter will take approximately 20 - 30 minutes to complete. The entire training will take approximately two hours to complete. You may save your work at any point and return to the training another time.

Before continuing to the first section, please download the Overview of the Ethics Law, which you may reference as you complete the training. Please note that all citations are to the Ethics Law.

Review Overview of the Ethics Law

To determine which additional ethics requirements may apply to you, review the Notice of Ethics Requirements below. If you have not already completed the Ethics Notice, please do so.

Complete the Notice of Ethics Requirements

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