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Upcoming Ethics Training Session:
Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Please check back soon for more Ethics Training Sessions.

City officials are required to complete an ethics training under the Baltimore City Public Ethics Law (see City Code, Article 8, § 3-20).  The Ethics Board encourages other City employees to take a training, too.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ethics Training?

The Ethics Training provides an overview of the Baltimore City Public Ethics Law, which applies to all City officials and employees.  The Law promotes fairness, impartiality and independence in City government.  Attendees will learn about conflicts of interest, restrictions on secondary employment, restrictions on gifts, and ethics enforcement, among other topics. 

Am I required to complete the training?

All City officials are required to complete the training. An official is any of the below (Art. 8, § 2-21): 

  • an elected official (§ 2-8)
  • the head of any department
  • the head of any bureau or division within a department
  • any other individual in a unit of City government who, whether acting alone or as a member of a board acting jointly with other board members:
    • has authority comparable to that of the head of a department or the head of a bureau or division
    • has decision-making authority in making City policy
    • has decision-making authority in the exercise of quasi-judicial, regulatory, licensing, inspecting, or auditing functions
    • acts as a principal advisor for one who has authority of the type listed
  • the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director, Executive Secretary, or Administrator of any agency (§ 2-2) or board (§ 2-3).
Additionally, City agencies may require other employees to complete the Ethics Training. Consult your HR coordinator to determine if you are required by your agency to complete the training.

* An official is not required to complete the Ethics Training if the individual is an official only by virtue of being a board member, unless the board has a financial disclosure filing requirement per § 7-8 or § 7-9 of the Code.

When must I complete the training?

If you are required to take an ethics training, you must do so within six months of tyour start date with the City and every three years thereafter.

How do I register for a training session?

To register for a virtual training session, complete and submit the online Ethics Training Registration Form. You may access the form on the "Ethics Training Registration" subtab on the menu, or by clicking here