Complaint Summaries

The Ethics Board is required to maintain the confidentiality of complaint information, including the identity of complainants and the subjects of complaints.  See City Code, Article 8, § 5-9.  Accordingly, the complaint summaries below do not contain any information that might reasonably identify the parties involved or the specific facts underlying the complaint.  The Board is making these summaries available solely for the purpose of educating public servants and members of the public about the operation and application of the Ethics Law. 


Public Summary 001

The complaint alleged that two City public servants violated the Ethics Law’s gift provisions when one of the public servants accepted a piece of electronic equipment that the other public servant had obtained for free after requesting it from a vendor. 

Conflicts of Interest

Public Summary 001

The complaint alleged that a City official had a conflict of interest related to their support for a City matter that benefitted a private entity because the official was on the governing board of that entity. 


Public Summary 001

The complaint alleged that a lobbyist who was required to register with the Ethics Board had not timely registered after engaging in legislative lobbying activity.